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Childlessness – always stigmatizing?

In the past as today, some couples fail to conceive despite trying. Infertility is the inability of a person to reproduce by natural means, whereas childlessness may also be a choice – achieved through celibacy or contraception and early abortion. … Continue reading

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Project progress: grant proposals, demography and aDNA

Two months into our project, we have been busy. The first task was to re-write a large grant proposal for the ERC in order to secure funding. This would enable us to broaden out the chronological scope of the project … Continue reading

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The latest issue of the journal Antiquity published a sad, yet fascinating report of a woman who died whilst giving birth to twins. Found at Lokomotiv in southern Siberia and dated to 7810-7640 cal BP, the woman in grave R11 … Continue reading

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Ancient DNA

The analysis of ancient DNA is a key method in our project. We will apply aDNA analysis to get more information on two crucial questions: First, we would like to find out of girl and boy babies were valued and … Continue reading

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