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The latest issue of the journal Antiquity published a sad, yet fascinating report of a woman who died whilst giving birth to twins. Found at Lokomotiv in southern Siberia and dated to 7810-7640 cal BP, the woman in grave R11 … Continue reading

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Screaming babies, toddler tantrums and infanticide

One of the craziest and funniest hypotheses I have recently come across is Tomer Ullman’s attempt to explain screaming babies in terms of an evolutionary advantage. If you have seven spare minutes I recommend watching it. He suggests that ‘infant … Continue reading

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Baby slings, cradle boards or a hole in the ground?

All mothers are working mothers. Looking after babies and young infants is a hard job in its own right, but the notion of a stay at home mum was most likely alien to prehistoric people. Women’s working capacity outside their … Continue reading

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The value of a person

Another strand of thought in our project is the social status of mothers – how motherhood was valued in the past, how mother’s status relates to women who have not given birth to men and children. It has always intrigued … Continue reading

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