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Cold Case Schleinbach: why it makes sense to preserve skeletons in situ

We have recently been re-examining an interesting early Bronze Age site called Schleinbach in Lower Austria. In the manner typical of the Únětice Culture, people were buried in a small cemetery next to a settlement, and some bodies were found … Continue reading

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How did prehistoric people handle baby poo?

Every parent knows: there is pee and poo. Plenty. In the first few months pretty much everywhere. Nowadays, we contain them – for the most part – in disposable nappies (diapers). Disposable nappies are an invention of the second half … Continue reading

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Himba mothers of Namibia

“Himba mothers are loving and attentive, but they don’t hover. Above is Krocodile’s son, crawling across the hot sand toward his mother, who is about 100 or so feet in front of him. Though she saw him coming, she didn’t … Continue reading

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Baby slings, cradle boards or a hole in the ground?

All mothers are working mothers. Looking after babies and young infants is a hard job in its own right, but the notion of a stay at home mum was most likely alien to prehistoric people. Women’s working capacity outside their … Continue reading

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The value of a person

Another strand of thought in our project is the social status of mothers – how motherhood was valued in the past, how mother’s status relates to women who have not given birth to men and children. It has always intrigued … Continue reading

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