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Katharina is a prehistoric archaeologist working at the Austrian Academy of Sciences. Her main research interests include the archaeology of the human body, gender, identity and personhood as expressed through funerary practices and art. She specialises in the Bronze and Iron Ages of Europe. As a mother of two young boys, she gathered some practical experience in addition to her theoretical interest in motherhood.

The pig must burn

written by Michaela Fritzl, Asparn an der Zaya, 10 July 2018 Flames at least two meters high, a smoke column thrice that height, and a so much radiating heat that it’s impossible to go close – a pyre truly is … Continue reading

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Indiana Jones in France

written by Marlon Bas, Bibliothèque Universitaire des Sciences du Vivant et de la Santé, Bordeaux, France, 04/07/2018 As anybody involved in archaeological science knows there are times when, like the great Indiana Jones, you must hop on a plane and … Continue reading

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Sampling prehistoric baby bottles 2.0

Our little project to hunt for organic molecules in prehistoric baby bottles, also known as feeding vessels, has entered its second phase. In a pilot study, Julie Dunne from the Organic Geochemistry Unit of the University of Bristol has tested … Continue reading

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The necessary stuff: project meetings

Today’s attempt to capture our project meetings with a panoramic photograph makes my office appear much larger than it is! The team gathers once a month for what we call the ‘timesheet party’ – in this meeting, timesheets that record … Continue reading

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The womb and the toad: a curious connection

In the 1930s, an intriguing object was found in a pit filled with the rubble of a late Bronze Age house at Maissau, Lower Austria. At first, it did not seem to differ much from the daub fragments of a … Continue reading

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2018 Society for the Study of Childhood in the Past Conference in Vienna

Source: 2018 Society for the Study of Childhood in the Past Conference in Vienna

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Marlon Bas joins the research team

In September of 2017, Marlon Bas joined the ‘motherhood in prehistory’ research team at the OREA Institute of the Austrian Academy of Sciences as a PhD student. Despite currently reading a truly fascinating long-winded account of the history of Rye … Continue reading

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